Protect and enhance your property with steel cladding

Steel cladding not only adds consistency with the style and colour of the roof—for a modern, sleek finish—but, as the steel layer applied to your property’s walls, cladding can help with insulation and protection from sun, wind and rain.

Contemporary Colorsteel® cladding offers a stylish look and comes in a variety of colours natural to New Zealand’s landscape—it’s durable and low maintenance. Colorsteel® cladding, and roofing, can last a lot longer than 30 years.


  • Cladding panels are typically installed in horizontal but overlapping rows.
  • Cladding requires a building wrap or underlay to provide a barrier against rain or wind.
  • Panels are attached to the building’s framing using screws and Colorsteel® fasteners.
  • Flashing provides a watertight seal around openings or transitions in the cladding (such as windows, doors, and roof junctions).

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